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android app finderHow many apps do you use on a daily basis? Not that many, I’m guessing, but the ones you do use are pretty important. Now, how many apps do you have installed? A lot, probably. Yet even so, there are thousands of other apps out there – some of them just waiting for you to discover them. A few of them will change your life. But how do you discover them when you don’t have the time?

Google Play is nice, but it’s not the only place to explore apps. Did you know that there are Android apps that are meant to help you find other Android apps? Mind-blowing, I know. But you can rejoice, knowing that once you’ve installed one or more of these Android app finders, you’ll be on your way towards discovering many apps that you’ll love.

Here is a round-up of some of the best Android apps for discovering other Android apps.


android app finder

If you like to meander through app lists, not really searching for a certain type of app in particular, then Playboard may be your cup of tea. You won’t find any advanced search filters here. At best, there are app channels (a good number of them) which act like categories that you can browse.

How does Playboard work? Once you select a channel, you’re presented with an overview of an app in that channel. You then browse the channel by swiping left and right. That’s it! The great thing is that Playboard’s channels are always being updated, so if you browse it once per day, you’ll always see something new.



discover android apps

AppDJ is another app in the line of “general-browsing, not-looking-for-a-particular-type-of-app” finders. While there are no specific search filters, AppDJ does allow you to customize your app discovery a little bit. While Playboard uses app channels, AppDJ presents you with 5 sliders that you can change: Popularity, Trending, Entertainment, Productivity, Lifestyle.

Based on how you set the various sliders, AppDJ will alter its list of apps for you to browse. This way, you can still search through a lot of apps of many different types, all while tailoring those apps to your specific interests.


discover android apps

AppAware claims to be the “best alternative to the Google Play Store” when it comes to finding the best Android apps and games on the market. How does it accomplish this? By tracking the most popular apps being installed all around the world. Using the app search feature, you can tailor your app discovery.

Some other features you’ll find in AppAware: the best Android apps per country; trending apps in terms of popularity; app category filters; daily updated app lists; personalized app recommendations; a home screen widget so you can easily keep up-to-date with new apps.


android app finder

AppBrain is actually an app market; think of it like an alternative Google Play. With it, you can find new apps, wallpapers, and widgets for your Android phone. So why use it instead of Google Play? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, but here are some features you can find in it:

  • Finding Android apps with a price drop.
  • New “top apps” updated daily.
  • App recommendations for you.

The search be filtered by app tops, ratings, popularity over period of time, price drops, and more. Categories include free apps, paid apps, price reduced apps, and more.


Hopefully you found this round-up useful. Finding apps is the hard part; once you find them, you can easily try them out and uninstall if you don’t like them–or keep them forever if they turn out to be useful. But thanks to these apps, the actual process of finding them has become easier.

What do you think of these Android app finder apps? If you’ve used them before, let us know what you think. Know of any other apps that can help you find some new Android apps? Whether they’re app markets or app finders, share them in the comments.

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