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Art cannot just be found in museums. Rather it’s a very lively thing found all around us, for example in music, literature, movies, and photography. Even the most annoying things can be art, just think of graffiti or TV commercials. Art is debatable, a matter of taste and not always obvious.

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” -George Bernard Shaw

Of course art can be found online if you open your eyes and follow the signs. Below are some pointers and discoveries I made.


Photos have been a way to capture delicate moments of history, everyday life, extraordinary details or impressions since the early 19th century. I recently introduced 10 Stunning Photo Blogs The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs The 10 Most Stunning Photo Blogs Read More displaying the regular works of contemporary photographers.

Here I would like to share an art installation showing 178 people passing a spot on a bridge in Berlin over the course of 20 days. The installation is called “We’re All Gonna Die – 100 meters of existence“.


Video & Music

One of the greatest places to look for contemporary art online are video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Film is the youngest type of art and probably the one that currently enjoys the most attention. I found it incredibly difficult to pick pure sound files, so I combined video and music for the combination of both.

Below are three examples of extraordinary video/music compositions that deserve to be called art.

The first one is a music video for a song from Oren Lavie called Her Morning Elegance. Reminds me a little of Peter Gabriel. Incredible piece!

The second one is a video of Carina Round sitting in her apartment and playing a song to the beat of droplets of water dripping form the ceiling into a bucket. Ingenious and beautiful!

This last video is a piece I discovered browsing randomly. It pretty much relies on the same technique as the first video, but the canvas is the city of Berlin. The pictures were assembled by samuelle3, a Spanish artist whose website will be featured below as well. But first watch his wonderful piece OUROBOROS.


Animations technically fall into the video category, but I wanted to give them a little extra exposure. A fantastic website to discover animations is aniBoom and I discovered the site via the artist Trevor Piecham who has his animation 15 Steps hosted there.


If you enjoyed the videos above and want to discover more artistic films from all different sources, check out Art.VideoSift, a website where members can “sift” through videos and vote for what they like, i.e. Digg for videos. Users can not only vote on videos, but can also create playlists of their favorite videos and interact with other members. The British Comedy playlist is the number one voted on the site.


The Lens Zero, nothing, the nothing that is… …at any time. An online art installation created by Lee Lewis. Did you capture the message?

If you enjoyed sam3’s video, you may want to see more of his work. Sam3’s website reveals a great collection of art installations, wall paintings and drawings.

This post is of course limited and only shows a small selection of what may be found online. What is art to you, where do you find it and how do you enjoy it most? Please enlighten us!

Picture credits: thanx

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