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This is really interesting, widely popular and one of my favorite websites. It’s more like a social network of web enthusiasts where you can discover various websites that were recommended by members with similar interests as yours. The best part of it, is that you can use this service right from the browser toolbar which comes with it(pic below) .

Stumble Upon Toolbar

After installing this toolbar (both Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported) you need to signup with stumbleupon and select website categories you interested in. Once you are done with that, get back to your browser and click Stumble! and service will deliver you a website/webpage that was recently recommended by other members with matching interests. Each time you “stumble” into a website you have an opportunity to give it “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”, websites that get thumbs down from several users are dropped from the stumble list and not shown anymore. It’s an easy way to find popularly loved websites, all you do is keep pressing stumble until you get somewhere you would want to stick around.


And that’s just things you can do from browser, with sign-up you also get your place at, which is mainly a summary of whatever you have reviewed and rated up or down. Additionally it’s a place where you can post more information about yourself and let system find people and communities that match your interests most. For instance when you enter your favourite movie or shows it can tell you other people that also included them as their favorite and so on, it’s pretty cool.

Stumble Upon Movie Feature

As you keep on recommending cool pages and writing reviews you may accumulate fans, which will continuously monitor your stumbling activity. Hmmmm, that’s all I guess. Overall it’s cool application to use when you dont know where to go or just too lazy to do anyting else apart from clicking mouse button. Take a look at it here, big chance you’ll like it. If you like this blog, add me to your friends list as well.

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