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If you’re sick of seeing personalized Google ads based on your browsing history, you can actually disable them.

First, go to your Google Account page and click on Ads Settings > Manage Ad Settings. Next to Ads Personalization you’ll see a toggle switch that is turned on. Toggle it off, and you’ll see the following pop-up, which warns what you stand to lose by turning off the feature, including losing the option to increase advertising relevance How to Control What Ads You See on Facebook and Google How to Control What Ads You See on Facebook and Google Ads pay for the Internet. Unless an alternative is found, we have to accept them. But while we live with them, we can make these online behavioral ads more relevant to us and our interests. Read More . If you’re fine with losing those features, click Turn off.

Google will confirm that the personalization has been turned off, but that it may take a while to take effect.


At this stage, Google will also offer alternatives including Google Contributor or Ad Choices which gives you more control over the ads you see, but this is all more trouble than it’s worth.

As a final measure, Chrome users can also install Google’s Chrome extension, DoubleClick to permanently save your opt-out settings.


What do you think of Google’s personalized ads? Do you find them useful or are they an invasion of your privacy? 

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