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A number of online e-commerce stores also buy back books apart from selling them. If you are selling a textbook then you’d want to sell it at the highest price. Direct Textbooks is a site that wants to help you with that. Just enter the book ISBN, and it’ll compare the buyback price of a book across various stores that’ll buy it, and also shows details like payment methods they accept and shipping price. If you want to be notified about a higher buyback price then they’ll do that too.

book buyback price comparison

The site lists a huge number of stores, namely Amazon Trade-In,, SellBackYourBook, BookRenter and many more. If you are planning to sell a textbook anytime soon, this site is worth checking out.


  • Search textbook buyback prices across various stores.
  • Needs the ISBN of the book to compare prices.
  • Huge number of stores listed.
  • Also shows payment modes and shipping details.

Check out Direct Textbooks @

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