Digsby Update: Adds New Features, Enhanced Stability [News]

digsbylogo   Digsby Update: Adds New Features, Enhanced Stability [News]The popular all-in-one instant messaging client Digsby has received an update today and added several key new features to the application.

As well as the usual IM protocols (MSN, GTalk, AIM etc…) Digsby now supports a plethora of social networking platforms. Users are now able to monitor Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace via dedicated panels and add accounts via the reworked Accounts section of Digsby’s preferences.

Accounts Panel   Digsby Update: Adds New Features, Enhanced Stability [News]

External services like Facebook and Gmail now have better integration, meaning you no longer need to add a Facebook news feed and Facebook Chat separately, and the same for Gmail and GTalk.

The team have also added email functionality, so checking POP3 and IMAP accounts is only a click away.

Updates to the application will be handled in future using a new auto-updater, which downloads updates once you have logged in and applies them when Digsby is restarted. The team designed the new update system much like Google’s Chrome updater so that “downloading updates never gets in your way”.

Digsby Update   Digsby Update: Adds New Features, Enhanced Stability [News]

Digsby is updated   Digsby Update: Adds New Features, Enhanced Stability [News]

As you’d expect from any regular update there are also numerous fixes and the promise of a more stable client, with less memory leaks and disconnections.

Other features added include more intuitive sorting of buddy lists, an ICQ spam blocker which blocks all incoming friend requests with URLs in them and right-to-left (RTL) text support in case you happen to type that way.

Digsby provides an instant messaging solution for Windows users, with Mac and Linux versions coming soon. You can download the latest build right here. Let us know what you think about it.

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Digsby is not available on linux and mac yet

Gouthaman Karunakaran

The latest stable release does provide a lot of interesting functionality. IMO, Digsby is THE best Multi-network chat client out there. I love love it’s Twitter Client.

Jagdesh Singh

Twitter client is great and so is the facebook chat.Hotmail and yahoo work fine for me.