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Last week we asked everyone to tell us how many tech books you have How Many Tech Books Do You Have? [MakeUseOf Poll] How Many Tech Books Do You Have? [MakeUseOf Poll] Whether you have an ebook collection or a hard-copy collection, it's likely that you've collected a few technical books along the way to learn the more important things about your chosen mode of tech. So,... Read More . The bulk of people seem to have between 1-9 tech books in their collection.

We collected a total of 210 votes, which were distributed as follows: 24% have 1-9 tech books; 22% have between 20-49 tech books; the option for 50-99 was left out accidentally, but if it had been there it probably would have rested between the 20-49 and 100-249 responses or much higher (judging by the bell curve); 17% have between 100-249 tech books; 15% have an amazing 250+ tech books; 13% have between 10-19 tech books; while 9% have no tech books at all.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

This week’s poll question is: Do You Think Digital Pirates Purchase More Products Than Non-Pirates?

A recent study has deemed that people pirating movies are actually the same people who purchase the most movies. A similar study concluded that people who pirate digital music actually purchased more digital music than non-pirates (although fewer physical CDs). I’ve heard many people actually consider pirating products as a try-before-you-buy deal. The entertainment industry obviously sees it differently. How do you see things from where you stand? How do the pirates you know of behave? Do they purchase things or not? More importantly, do they purchase more than the non-pirates you know of?


A simple yes/no/maybe poll isn’t going to cut it if you’re keen to elaborate. Feel free to let us know more about your pirating friends’ purchasing habits in the comments!

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