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If you have just purchased a digital camera and it is your first one, then there are a lot of things then you have to learn. The most difficult part is undoubtedly going to be to learn how to navigate around your phone’s controls. What you could really use is a navigation interface that is user friendly, intuitive, and (best of all) usable from your computer. This is exactly what is offered by a desktop application called digiCamControl.

control dslr via usb

digiCamControl is a wonderful piece of freeware that comes as a desktop app for Windows computers. The tool comes in a setup file size of nearly 35 MB. The function of the application is to connect to your digital camera via a USB connection, and provide you with camera interface options straight from your desktop computer. After you download the app’s setup and install it, all you have to do is connect your camera to the computer and open the application.

The app supports a wide range of cameras – the entire list of supported camera makes and models can be found on its site. When you open the app, you find controls for mode, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, and numerous other settings. You are then able to capture images straight to your desktop computer, from the camera. The app also offers features of using sequences, time-lapse, and bracketing along with shooting single frames.


So far the cameras supported by the application include various models of the Nokia and Canon makes.



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