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digg is one of my favorite sites and so is for 800.000 (and growing) people that visit it on a daily basis. So, what is all the fuss about it?

If you visit traditional news sites regularly, you probably have experienced that a big portion of news you get either about something you have no interest in or just boring. solves this problem by providing you only with news which were recommended by other readers. And it turns out to be just the right way is a news website but unlike popular news sites like New York Times, news stories that appear on are those that were found interesting by several people within short period of time. It is a loaded web 2.0 social news site where only users decide what will and won’t appear as news.

How does it work?

Someone(can be you) discovered a news piece or an article which may be interesting to many other people. -> To spread the word about it, person goes to Digg and submits that article. -> Other digg visitors can see and read it and finally digg it if they like it -> When submitted story receives sufficient number of diggs it is moved to the main page. -> Once it is on the main page all digg visitors(which is a lot) can see and read the story.

So, as a result stories on the home page of the site are the ones that receive most number of diggs within specified period of time. These are also the stories that were found interesting by most number readers. On the otherhand, if the story fails to receive diggs it is completely removed.


Digg started as technology oriented news site, and until late June 2006, stories on Digg were only technology related. At the end of june Digg went through some redesign and expanded its coverage by adding several news cateogries covering allmost all major industries. In addition, each major category has several subcategories. So now there is something for everyone. You can filter news according to your preferences to view those are not only interesting but relevant to what you do or like.

Below you may see a snapshot of main categories and subcategories for technology available on at the moment

Digg can be easily configured such that it shows news only from one particular subcategory or more subcategories while each belonging to different category. Simply, you can choose whatever categories and subcategories you want. You will require to register so that digg knows who you are and what to display whenver you visit it. And in addition to daily news, you can also see most prominent news stories stories of all times, of the last month or week.

Digg is young and its popularity is skyrocketing, challenging major news portals like newyork times. Almost 800.000 people visit on a daily basis. These users read and digg stories they like. While individual contribution may seem trivial, combined it creates highly interesting social news portal.

There are many more cool features available for Digg users, definitely check it out.

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