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Ever since its relaunch in 2012, Digg has been constantly and busily reinventing itself with a clean new design and a well-received RSS reader. Digg Reader Is A Beautifully Minimal Alternative To Feedly Digg Reader Is A Beautifully Minimal Alternative To Feedly Digg launched a reader in June following the shutdown of Google Reader. Digg Reader is a slick, minimal reader that puts the focus where it should be -- on the articles you want to read. Read More Now it is introducing a new feature – Digg Video, where it collects the latest viral clips doing the rounds on the Interwebs. Wave goodbye to productivity all over the globe, as office workers everywhere blow off work and sit and watch dogs on skateboards all day.

Each video gets its own page with an enlarged screen, along with the usual sharing and social media buttons. You can also save videos to a kind of YouTube-style “watch it later” function, provided you are logged into the site. This kind of feature is becoming more and more popular to introduce, as increasingly busy people find videos to watch, but they don’t have the time right then to watch them.

You can also expect to see updates coming to the iOS and Android versions of Digg Reader very soon with the newly created video channel, which makes for an excellent distraction in a doctor’s waiting room or a supermarket line (provided you have your headphones of course).

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new Digg Video feature. Should sites like YouTube be worried that Digg might start taking some of their traffic away?


Source: Digg Blog

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