DiffChecker: Find Text Differences Between Two Files

Finding the difference in two files can be helpful in a number of situations. For example if you have two files of code, with similar functions, you can find out the text differences of the files and learn more about each code. DiffChecker is one site that lets you easily compare two files for text differences.

diffchecker   DiffChecker: Find Text Differences Between Two Files

DiffChecker is a free to use, user-friendly website which has one purpose: comparing two files and finding the difference in their text. The layout of the site is very simple to follow. You specify the two files either by uploading them from your computer or by pasting their text in the given area on the site. Clicking on the “Find Difference“Âť button will show you the text differences between the two files.

diffchecker1   DiffChecker: Find Text Differences Between Two Files


  • Compare text differences in two files.
  • Find if document is tampered or not.
  • You can either upload the files or paste in their text.
  • Layout of site is simple to follow and will not be a problem for novices.
  • Similar sites: CompareMyDocs and CompareMyFiles.

Check out DiffChecker @ www.diffchecker.com

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It is also quite easy to do this with word, making the changes appear as gtrack changes.