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A bucket list makes up the things you want to achieve before you die. The contents are different, often very personal, and sometimes downright ludicrous. Not that it matters.

Almost everyone has a bucket list, albeit unconsciously. Learn a foreign language, get a novel published, or travel around the world to taste strange fruits fresh off the trees.

These ‘achievements’ are what we strive for, and checking another item on your list gives a sense of peace and fulfillment. It’s only natural to keep track of important achievements in life, and yet few people do.


I had already given a few shots to my own bucket list, before I read about Diddit: an online community built around life’s achievements. The idea almost sounds silly, and yet I anguish that I didn’t know about it before.


The experience is threefold. At the core, Diddit can be used to keep track of your own bucket list, marking important achievements in life you’ve already managed to do, and planning ahead for future adventures. This core is embraced by a diverse and multicultural community. Diddit connects people with similar achievements or goals, and makes up the campfire where people gather round to discuss past experiences.

Keeping Track Of Life

As I said, the core of Diddit is a to-do list for life. You can use it to mark off everything you’ve ever done, experienced or tasted in your life, as some kind of achievement tracker. More importantly, you can also use it to make a list of things that yet need to happen.

Finding marks on Diddit is pretty easy. You can browse categories or, if you’ve got something specific in mind, search for the item in your mind. In categoric view, you’ll also encounter so-called lists. These lists, created and expanded by the community, usually harbor achievements with a common denominator, reflecting on a certain ‘niche’ of life.

Activities can either be marked ‘wanna’ or ‘diddit’. Having completed an activity allows you to rate and comment on your experience.

Once you’ve marked a number of activities, you can start to use Diddit as a reference tool. In the ‘you’ tab of the site, you’ll be able to review your wanna’s and diddit’s, perhaps while planning for your next intercontinental vacation, or sitting bored at home.

Read & Share Stories

Most activities have at least a few enthusiastic comments, save perhaps the most extravagant ones. When you’re planning for something, it helps to read the experiences of others. Similarly, it’s never dull to write and share your own stories.

The talk section is also where you’ll meet people with similar interests. Like Facebook connects old friends, Diddit is the meeting place for doers. When you’ve got family, colleagues, or friends on Diddit, you’ll get to see these activities on a whole new level.

Diddit is a generic online bucket list, used to track, plan and discuss the biggest adventures of your life. Do you know any other tool that we should know about, or do you prefer plain old pen and paper? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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