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Feature ImageHave you ever wondered if there could be more to the Windows context menu, also known as right-click menu 7 Awesome Tools To Enhance Your Right-Click Menu [Windows] 7 Awesome Tools To Enhance Your Right-Click Menu [Windows] The Windows right-click menu is a feature that we may often take for granted, but it can really make our lives easier. Advanced users probably don’t use it that much, having learned all the necessary... Read More ? It has a dedicated key on every keyboard, yet are we really using it to it’s full potential? Perhaps one of the reasons you don’t use it, is because it’s clogged up with a bunch of program entries from software that you’ve installed on your computer over the years.

Now technically, you don’t need a program to remove context entries How to Add & Remove Entries from the Windows Right-Click Menu How to Add & Remove Entries from the Windows Right-Click Menu Everyone loves shortcuts. Meanwhile, your context menu is cluttered with entries you never touch. We'll show you how to customize the right-click menu with shortcuts you'll actually want to use. Read More , but if you want to extend your context menu beyond the defaults that Microsoft has limited it at, I recommend taking a look at Right Click Enhancer – I think you’ll be impressed.

Before You Go And Download It…

Not to start off on a negative note with Right Click Enhancer, but I want to point out one downfall that it has, and that is the installation process of the free version – you need to be aware of the crapware that “comes” along with it.

Setup -- crapware 2

Like most free programs, Right Click Enhancer includes some additional programs – so what’s wrong with that? Nothing – and as I said in an article about installing free software without the junk A Simple Checklist To Safely Installing Free Software Without All The Junk A Simple Checklist To Safely Installing Free Software Without All The Junk Picture this - you've just found this awesome free software that you are stoked about because of all that it can do for you, but when you install it, you discover that it is packed... Read More , programs that have additional software included in the installation aren’t bad programs, they just need a way to justify being free.

However, when installing the free version, I experienced three prompts (two of which were for the same program) to install crapware – it’s the persistency that I didn’t like about the installation. Right Click Enhancer, itself, isn’t sketchy at all, though.


Another option you might try is downloading the professional trial version – perhaps you’ll decide you like it even better and will put up the $10 to support the company and buy it.

What Right Click Enhancer Can Do For You

Right Click Enhancer - Pro vs free (all)

Right Click Enhancer has a nice clean interface making it easy to see all the tools, which include a short description of what they can do. To the right of each tool, you see a blue book – this is the “help” window for each item. It includes an introduction describing in full what the tool does, as well as all of the tool’s functions.

Right Click Enhancer Professional

The top tool bar of the Right Click Enhancer’s main window provides a Registration link, should you want to purchase it online or fill in the registration code, and Options link where you can toggle the programs update notifications, and a Help menu, which provides the programs help manual, as well as an online support link.

RIght Click Enhancer - Export Button

Many of the tools also have an Export function, which allows you to keep the same settings should you move to a new computer. The alternative? Moving Registry files – I’d stick with Right Click Enhancer’s exporter. The only downfall is that there isn’t a “bulk exporter” of any kind – you have to manually go to each tool and export the settings, but that’s still easier than tinkering with the Windows Registry Editor What Is The Windows Registry Editor & How Do I Use It? [MakeUseOf Explains] What Is The Windows Registry Editor & How Do I Use It? [MakeUseOf Explains] The Windows registry can be scary at first glance. It’s a place where power users can change a wide variety of settings that aren’t exposed elsewhere. If you’re searching for how to change something in... Read More .

Another neat feature that Right Click Enhancer has is the ability to be portable.


Right Click Tweaker

Right Click Tweaker

The Right Click Tweak has 16 different functions that you can add to the right click menu. These various options can help you complete daily PC tasks easier and quicker. I’ll briefly list and describe each function.

  • Verify files: Verifies files’ integrity using SFV files.
  • Encrypt: Encrypts file or folder, preventing access by other users.
  • Copy Content: Copies content of text files directly to clipboard
  • Smart Renamer: Renames multiple files with several file-specific features
  • Open Command Prompt as Admin: Opens command prompt with admin privileges on a selected folder.
  • Copy To/Move To: select location to copy/move file using dialog.
  • Calculate hash: Verifies file integrity by calculating hash functions.
  • Edit with Notepad: Opens any file in Notepad
  • Problem Steps Recorder: Quickly open the Problem Steps Recorder included in new versions of Windows.
  • Control Panel: Quickly access the Control Panel
  • System Configuration Utility: Quickly access the System Configuration Utility
  • Print file list/Create file list: Print or create file list directly from context menu
  • Take Ownership: Gives you direct read/write access to file and bypasses the UAC Stop Annoying UAC Prompts - How To Create A User Account Control Whitelist [Windows] Stop Annoying UAC Prompts - How To Create A User Account Control Whitelist [Windows] Ever since Vista, we Windows users have been pestered, bugged, annoyed, and tired of the User Account Control (UAC) prompt telling us a program is starting up that we intentionally launched. Sure, it has improved,... Read More , while forcing others to go through UAC for access.
  • God Mode: view all Windows configuration options in one window.

Right Click Editor

Right Click Editor

The Right Click Editor allows you to remove and/or disable entries in the context menu. These include the defaults that were added by Windows, as well as additional entries added by different programs. Some examples of these might be Malwarebytes’ “Scan with Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware” entry, or Picasa’s “Upload to Web Albums”.

You can toggle between the menu commands and shell extensions, by clicking the large “Switch to…” button on the top left corner.

Right Click Editor - switch

File Types Editor

File Types Editor

The File Types Editor allows you to change which file types are associated with a program’s extension in the context menu. For instance, if you no longer want VLC Media Player 7 Top Secret Features Of The Free VLC Media Player 7 Top Secret Features Of The Free VLC Media Player That VLC pretty much plays everything that you throw at it is old news. It is also a media genie when it comes to other things apart from playing movies. We looked at some of... Read More to play the .MPG file format, and instead want PotPlayer Does Your Media Player Suck? Try A Unique Alternative: Daum PotPlayer [Windows] Does Your Media Player Suck? Try A Unique Alternative: Daum PotPlayer [Windows] Whenever we have written an article about great media players, people were quick to remind us of PotPlayer. Once we checked it out, we had to agree that it was indeed pretty awesome. So the... Read More , you can make that change within the context menu. Now, this doesn’t change the Windows defaults – for that you will need to go to the Control Panel > Default Programs > Set your default programs.

The File Types Editor has buttons to edit the file types, remove the extension from the context menu or export it. There are also functions to add, edit, remove and export commands. In addition, these two sections of buttons can be moved around the window to your liking.

Right Click Shortcuts Creator

Right Click Shortcuts Creator allows you to add new folders, files and application shortcuts directly to the context menu. This is very useful if you are trying to keep your desktop clean and tidy How To Clean Up Your Windows Desktop Once & For All How To Clean Up Your Windows Desktop Once & For All Your desktop is a mess. Admit it. Just like a desk with papers all over, a messy computer desktop is far from productive. Plus, it just doesn’t look nice. If you’re having issues finding the... Read More , but don’t want to go out of your way to access certain applications that you use on a regular basis. This is probably one of the most useful functions of Right Click Enhancer.

Right Click Shortcuts Creator - Apps

You can see in the example above, that I’ve added a folder called “Common Apps” and then added shortcuts underneath the folder, to keep the context menu from being overrun with entries. Below is what it looks like when in use.

Right Click Shortcuts Creator - Context Menu

Send To Manager

Send To Manager

The Send To Manager is another useful function, and as you might expect, it allows you to manage the Send To submenu in the context menu. From here you can add new files and folders to send to (or delete them if you’d like). For instance, Google Drive didn’t have an entry in the Send To menu, so using Send To Manager, I added one.

Send To Manager - Send To Context Menu

Another use might be folders that your always adding files to. By adding the folder to the Send To menu, you no longer have to open it when copying files into it.

Right Click Editor IE

Right Click Editor IE

If you’re an avid Internet Explorer user 7 Useful Tips & Tricks For Internet Explorer 9 Users 7 Useful Tips & Tricks For Internet Explorer 9 Users Tech websites write a lot about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so it’s easy to feel a bit left out if you use Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 9 is easily the best version of Internet... Read More , this feature might appeal to you. If your context menu in IE is getting cluttered, you might want to manage it with this tool. It’s pretty handy.

Right Click Editor IE - text

New Menu Editor

New Menu Editor

New Menu Editor allows you to add and remove entries in the context menu’s submenu “New”. This is useful if there’s not a file type in there by default, but one that you regularly create new ones of.

Smart Renamer

Smart Renamer

The Smart Renamer function, was previously touched upon when talking about Right Click Tweaker, which you can use to add a Smart Renamer entry to the context menu. Smart Renamer is simply a tool that allows you to rename multiple files using various file attributes, such as modification date, size, and tags associated with media files.



SFV, simple file verification, is a file format used to verify that a file has not been corrupted. However, it doesn’t verify the file’s authenticity. SmartSFV verifies the SFV files that come with your downloaded files. You can also use it to create SFV files.

Pro Vs. Free – Is It Worth It?

Right Click Enhancer - Pro vs free (min)

There are two functions you don’t get with the free version: Right Click Shortcut Creator (adding submenus, and reordering and adding app, file, and folder shortcuts to context menu) and Right Click Editor (removing and disabling context menu entries).

So is the Professional version worth it? For $10, I say so – the features you get are great and the program provides all the information you need to easily use each tool.


In closing, I’d like to remind you that this was just an overview of Right Click Enhancer. To better understand each function, take a look at each tool’s manual to see all the information in using it.

Have you used a context menu editor before? If so, which one? If you have used Right Click Enhancer, we’d love to hear your personal feedback as to what you thought of it.

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