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With HTML5 growing at an impressive rate, you can now find HTML5-based web apps for almost everything. One arena you will find HTML5 in is creating drawings and diagrams online. Diagramo is another HTML5 based web app for creating diagrams online.

creating diagrams online

Diagramo is a free and simple to use web service. It is an HTML5 based web app that lets you create and share diagrams online. The site works well with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browsers.

When you visit the site you will find a white canvas with buttons and tools on the left and top panes. Shapes can be selected from the left pane; text can be entered within or outside the shapes you create. Lines and grids can be selected from the buttons on top.

To save your diagrams you will need to create an account on the site. With each diagram you can set a title and optionally a description. Your saved diagrams are assigned a specific URL; you can set the diagram to public and share the URL with others who will then be able to view your created diagram.



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