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Various online databases provide information on medical drugs to help educate patients and serve as a reference for doctors. Diagnosia, a new medical drugs database, aims to be Europe’s premiere medicine search engine for doctors as well as patients.

medicine search engine

Diagnosia is a search engine for medical drugs. It comes in over 20 languages and will be helpful to countless patients and doctors. You can look for drugs by typing their name, substance, or producer. The search results include the drug’s name, active substance, producer’s name, ATC code, and therapeutic area. Clicking on the result opens up an information page that serves to educates patients on the drug.


A special tab for doctors displays the name, concentration, composition, and pharmaceutical form of the drug.


All of the information is presented in a neat layout and information on all drugs is accurate and up to date, thanks to the site’s partnership with numerous medical authorities.


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