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No matter how much you love watching the World Cup, you have to admit that the buzzing sound coming from the vuvuzela annoys you. If you are streaming the game online, you can have a quick audio fix simply by downloading the Devuvuzelator.  This desktop program works by identifying the frequencies of the vuvuzela and filtering that sound from the feed in real-time.

filter sound

The Devuvuzelator is a portable and lightweight sound filter that helps lessen the bumbling sound of the vuvuzela as you watch the game online. It eliminates the most common frequency produced by the vuvuzela, which is 230Hz or B-flat below middle C. You can adjust the filter in strength as well as enable or disable it with the tick of a checkbox. Plus, it has a number of different settings that can help optimize the balance between suppressing the buzz and distortion of the the broadcast.

There’s no need to install anything with Devuvuzelator. Just simply download the free software to enjoy watching the World Cup games online without the annoying vuvuzela sound.


  • Free program to filter out annoying sound of Vuvuzela
  • No need to tinker the EQ filters if you want to adjust the sound.
  • No need to install a vuvuzela filter.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Works with major World Cup broadcasts like ESPN and BBC.
  • Works with Windows only.

Check out Devuvuzelator @


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