Get Detailed Sports Scores And Stats With ESPN Scorecenter [Android & iOS]

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sports scores android appWhether you’d like to admit it or not, everyone has a favorite team in at least one sport. I follow multiple teams myself across different sports and always want to be able to follow their games, both completed and in-progress ones. Thankfully, one of the top providers of sports, ESPN, has our backs covered wherever we are and with whichever device we have.

About ESPN Scorecenter

ESPN Scorecenter is a sports score-tracking app, available for both Android and iOS, which allows you to see the scores of the last few games of your favorite teams, or the current score and other appropriate stats for any game in progress. It is very easy to install and set up your favorite teams. As ESPN is an American sports news provider, most sports leagues included are American, but for some sports, it even supports international leagues (primarily soccer).


sports scores android app
After you let the app load, you’ll be presented with an empty list of “My Teams”. Here you’ll see the games of all your favorite teams, and their scores.

ios 6 sports scores
Tapping on any of these will pull up more detailed information about the game, such as how many points were made in each period, who scored, and many more stats.

ios 6 sports scores
You can add teams by tapping on the plus button near the top right of the My Teams window. Teams are separated by sport, and then by league. Again, not all leagues are included, and most of them will be American, except soccer.

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ios 6 sports scores
Thankfully, Scorecenter can do much more than just follow your favorite teams. If you swipe to the left (and therefore progressing to the right), you’ll come across a page called “The Lead”. This page contains all of the top games of the moment, and what is shown depends largely on the time — if the NBA playoffs are going on, you’ll see lots of NBA games. I believe this page isn’t location-dependent, so you won’t see any international games here unless there are major ones that the Americans believe are worth mentioning.

sports scores android app
If you keep swiping to the left, you’ll see pages for all the different leagues in which your favorite teams belong. These are very useful for keeping up to date with games of competing teams so you know how your team compares.


Installation, just like any other app, is a piece of cake. All you need to do is check your respective app store for “espn scorecenter”. For added convenience, you can follow this link with your device or desktop if you’re an Android user or follow this link if you’re an iOS user. For iPad users, the iOS version of the app will appear as “ESPN Scorecenter XL”.


Overall, I absolutely love ESPN’s Scorecenter. Although I’m not an absolute sports fanatic, I do have my teams that I follow on a constant basis (especially those from my university). This app lets me easily check on scores and stats wherever I have internet, and is the only app I use because ESPN is a source that I trust.

What’s your favorite score-tracking app? Which teams do you follow? Let us know in the comments!

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Daniel Hartle

I have been using this app for a while and agree that it is fantastic.

slobodan zekic

my friends uses the application and is very good app–recommendation— :)


Edwin Williams

Aye, I’ve had Scorecenter for about a year or more and it’s pretty good.


Eric Wilborn

I also like Yahoo’s app… especially since I’m already using it for Fantasy Football

Danny Stieben

Generally speaking, I have yet to try out Fantasy Football. Sounds like Yahoo’s app would be good for those who play it!



I’m a big fan of SportsCaster: Although it’s recently been branded with CBS, it’s still a good app. What I really like about it are the live tweet updates during games. It also does the usual sports app things, like aggregate scores, provide news, and offer a homescreen widget.


Garey Boone

This app can’t be beat absolutely love it


Walter Askew

Great App, I love the alerts.


Alex Downs

Looks like a great app, now if only I followed sports lol.


Neil Coutinho

Use it alot to track EPL scores . Great app


Joe Stornello

I agree great app!


Kofi Agyeman

what a timesaver, you guys are the best!



You do know this app is available for Windows Phone don’t you, and has been for some time?

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