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lightweight twitter clientIf you thought I went a bit overboard with the adjectives in the title for this post, believe me that by the time you’re done reading about DestroyTwitter you’ll be adding a few of your own.

For me, DestroyTwitter is a new love story, and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a Twitter client. It all started about a week ago, when I was desperate for a good Twitter client and let the world know about it:

Twitter user @compmike recommended DestroyTwitter, I gave it a shot, and found a client that’s more than decent.

Who It Is For

lightweight twitter client

Just because DestroyTwitter is perfect for me, doesn’t mean it’ll be everything you need. Most importantly, DestroyTwitter does not support multiple Twitter accounts, and also doesn’t support multiple social networks. If you were looking for a monolithic client for your half a dozen Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Orkut, and whatnot accounts – this isn’t it. DestroyTwitter is laser-focused on just one use case – a single Twitter account. If you want something more powerful, check out Seesmic How to Use Twitter with Multiple Accounts with Seesmic Desktop How to Use Twitter with Multiple Accounts with Seesmic Desktop Read More .

What It’s Like

In a word – focused.


lightweight twitter

What you’re seeing above is the single-column view, which is how I generally use Destroy Twitter. If you drag out the bottom-right handle, you can open up multiple columns:

lightweight twitter

Naturally, you could control how many columns you want to view, as well as how they are ordered.


lightweight twitter

DestroyTwitter understands that Twitter is alive. When I search for something, I want to keep seeing tweets about it that are sent after I’ve already searched. So the search view is constantly updated, and you can use it to monitor any topic of interest (like our awesome blog – just saying).


twitter client review

DestroyTwitter makes it easy to reply to tweets in context. When you click the Reply button, a pane at the bottom of the window slides open, showing the original tweet at the top and your reply right under. URLs are automatically shortened when you paste them in, and you can easily pick what URL shortening service to use (,,, or good old TinyURL).

You can also upload a file right from within DestroyTwitter, to one of a number of services. In short, replying to tweets (and composing new ones) is super-easy.


twitter client review

For such a small application, DestroyTwitter offers a generous amount of preferences. The default font was a bit small for me, so I just made it larger. Also, I wanted DestroyTwitter to always be running, so I made it close to the systray rather than really close. Also, if you don’t like the default dark look, DestroyTwitter ships with eight different themes, including light and airy ones like this Clean and Comfortable theme:

twitter client review

Memory Footprint & Responsiveness

lightweight twitter client

After days of running, DestroyTwitter only takes up 47MB of RAM on my system. That’s less than what a single Chrome tab often takes up, so I’m very happy with that aspect of the app. Other AIR and Silverlight clients tend to be heavy, but DestroyTwitter somehow manages to remain lightweight. That is also felt in the UI. The application is consistently responsive, and doesn’t lag even when I reactivate it after a long period of dormancy.

Final Thoughts

DestroyTwitter is simple, reliable, free, and it works. What more could you want from a single-user Twitter client? I just hope that the author is never tempted to add any extra features.

Let us know what you think of the app.  What’s good and bad about it?

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