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You will find many web apps that let you plot regular graphs. But what if you need to plot a random set of points or a polar graph? For such advanced graphing features you will find Desmos Calculator most helpful.

advanced graphing calculator

Desmos Calculator is a free to use web tool that comes as an app for Google Chrome. The tool’s interface is completely online and loads up once you click on the app’s icon in Chrome. You can choose to plot normal graphs or polar graphs by typing in the equation of your functions. You can also plot sample plots on the graph. You can plot multiple equations on a single graph and choose custom colors for each. Your graphs can be exported to PNG files for sharing.

desmos calculator

Desmos also lets you enter regular calculations into it: addition, multiplication, and trigonometric functions, all are supported. Factorials, summations, square roots, exponents, and other scientific mathematical calculations can also be found on the calculator.


  • A user-friendly application.
  • Lets you graph complex equations – Cartesian and Polar.
  • Lets plot multiple equations on same graph.
  • Exports graphs to PNG files.
  • Performs scientific mathematical calculations as well.
  • Similar tools: Online Function Generator and Graphing Calculator.

Check out Desmos Calculator @

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  1. Eli Luberoff
    September 24, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    Thanks! If you don't have chrome, you can also use it in-browser at

    Send us any ideas or feedback at calculator [at]
    - Eli