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There are desktop widgets like Windows Gadgets, Google Desktop, and Yahoo! and there are also web widgets found on your favorite websites. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could bring your web widgets onto your desktop where it is more convenient? Check out Desktopify, a free web service that lates you make a desktop widget from any web widget. This tool can also transform a mobile version of a website into a desktop widget.

make desktop widget

To convert a web widget, just go to Desktopify’s convert web widget page and paste the widget code into the field box. Then fill in the other necessary details like the name, size, icon and description. You can then download a desktop installer for that web widget.

Desktopify will also generate codes and links so you can also distribute the web widget along with an “add to desktop“ button to your websites.

make desktop widget

Desktopify can be especially useful for webmasters since you can send alerts for users who have installed your widget on their desktops. With this tool, you can use HTML, Javascript and Flash and you do not need to learn how to create a desktop widget. The website also includes built-in analytics so you can track the number of users who have downloaded, installed, and uninstalled your widget.


make desktop widget

  • Convert web widgets and mobile websites to the desktop.
  • Publish widgets that can be downloaded to desktop.
  • Send alerts to users who have installed your widget.
  • Monitor the number of installs, uninstalls, and downloads of your widget.
  • Browse widgets created by other users.
  • Similar Tools: Snippage and Grazr.

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