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When we are busy with working on our computer, we end up having a desktop cluttered with icons, files, and folders. As more files are dumped into the desktop, finding them becomes much harder, and working with them much slower.

remove clutter mac

If you want to have a cleaner desktop on the Mac, then you should check out Desktop Tidy. This tool removes the clutter by hiding the files in the desktop into a separate shadow folder automatically. All you need to is to configure a time interval for Desktop Tidy to transfer your files regularly.

The desktop’s shadow folder is quickly accessed from the menu bar or through hotkeys. You can also find files quickly by filters and add an ignore list to allow some files or folders to remain to the desktop. There is also a one-click restore so that you can transfer files back to the desktop in case you need to work on the file again.

Desktop Tidy is a nifty tool for OS X power users who also depend on the desktop to complete their work while still maintaining a clutter-free look.


  • Keeps desktop clean by transferring files into a shadow folder.
  • Files are easily accessed through filters.
  • Highly-configurable.
  • Ignore list lets you keep files from being cleaned up
  • Available on the app store.

Check out Desktop Tidy @


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