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Design Something is a free to use browser application that lets you create 3D models with ease. The application comes for Google Chrome and once you install it, a shortcut for it appears on the New Tab page. Clicking on this shortcut will take you to the PublishYourDesign’s model creation interface.

create 3d models

You will find a grid in the center with controls on the left pane and recently created user models in the right pane. From the left pane you can select drawing tools or various shapes to add to your design. Once a shape has been added, it can be resized, stretched in your desired direction, its color can be changed, it can be magnified, and you can add text within the shape.

design something

You can also erase images. Other tools available on the site help you convert 2D designs into 3D ones. What you do is select the appropriate option from the left pane, then select the first item, and then select the axis along which the object should be rotated to complete its 3D form. Other features that transform 2D objects into 3D ones include extruding a 2D object and sweeping a 2D sketch.

Once you are done with your models, you can either save them locally or you can save them in the cloud on your online PublishYourDesign account.



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