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My personal opinion is that Mozilla is the second most interesting web name out there, just behind the big company with the little search box. Tomorrow always brings a new thing with such organizations. A few days ago Mozilla did – just in time for the holiday season.

Mozilla opened its doors to the World Wide Web through its open source “˜Mozilla Community Store‘. An open source T-shirt designing e-store which lets you – design it”¦create it”¦own it. As the site mentions, it is the community powered sidekick to the earlier launched Mozilla store which sells a richness of fan merchandise.

The community store hosts a wide variety of T-Shirt designs (last count was 145), all user generated through public participation. Mozilla’s store uses the Zazzle online storefront and its acknowledged real-view technology which allows the designers to view realistic images of their creations instantly. Technology aside, the process is very simple and there are well laid out guidelines and supporting information to help you get started.

Design It”¦

mozilla community store

Choose from the designs available or choose to do one of your own. Just let your creativity follow the design guidelines laid down. Your designs can be accomplished using any raster or vector drawing tools available. Submit your high resolution artwork (150dpi or more) in JPG or PNG with your own name for the credit line. The guidelines do not curb your creative instincts but ask you to imply something about Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Camino, Bugzilla, Sunbird or Lightning in your designs.

Create It”¦


The available designs can be further customized to your individual liking using’s customization interface. Add text, orient your graphic or just pick the style, color and size. Zazzle has plenty of customization options.

design t-shirt

Own It”¦

Finished! Order your creation through the shopping cart. covers about 84 countries, so the shipping should drop it off at your door. The location and pricing information is available on their website.

What do we get out it?

    We can let out that designer lurking inside you. Run riot with Zazzle’s cool customization options. The design is not limited to T-shirts alone but also to other Mozilla products. Furthermore, we can use the designs on nearly 400 of Zazzle’s merchandise.

    We can gift a self created one-of-a-kind T-shirt to someone we love. Zazzle also has a 20% discount going till December 26th.

    We can get a high by seeing our “˜signature’ against our creation. If someone uses our design, we do get to share our idea with the world.

And finally for those of us who are a bit of an open source rooter, it could just be a self serving proclamation.

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