Dermandar: Create Panoramic Photos Easily

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I don’t know about you but I find panoramas incredibly cool. Looking at a good panorama is like looking at nature through a widescreen monitor, only better.  However, panoramas are quite difficult to take without the right equipment. The process of taking overlapping images and then joining them together on a computer using some complex software isn’t something I’m interested in.

That is why I found Dermandar so cool. Dermandar takes away all the pain out of creating panoramic images. I just need to shoot images which overlap each other a little, upload all images to Dermandar and let it take care of everything else.

dermandar   Dermandar: Create Panoramic Photos Easily

The whole process of resizing images and finding overlapping images is all taken care of automatically and at the end of the process I get a nice little panorama created out of my original photos for downloading. It can’t be simpler than that.

Check out sample panorama below:


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