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Car accidents are unfortunate. Besides the tangible and intangible loss, they also require the car owner to go through the tedious process of getting it fixed. However, with your car all dented, it is not easy to drive around town getting dent repair estimates. DentBetty can solve this problem for you.

DentBetty is an online tool that lets you get online repair estimates by uploading photos of your car and the nature of the dent. The photos and details are then sent to multiple shops within a 50 mile radius of your provided zip code. Soon after that you will start receiving repair estimates and quotes from different body shops. The service is not available in every state yet.

dent repair estimate


  • Get car repair estimates online by uploading photos.
  • Receive quotes from multiple repair shops in your area.
  • Some shops would even pick your car up.
  • Upload as many as 8 photos depicting the dent.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: CarComplaints, MotorMouths and CarBibles.

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