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If you’re really lucky, your job covers all the dental work you need. Most people aren’t really that lucky.

If you yourself aren’t that lucky, and you’re not sure dental insurance is an option financially, it’s worth checking out This site acts a search engine, pointing you to groups you can join discount dental programs in your area: just enter your ZIP code and you’ll see your local options. Such groups don’t offer insurance, but they do offer dental work at a reduced rate in exchange for an annual premium.

discount dental programs

discount dental programs

Finding a discount plan that works for you can be a big job, depending on what your dental needs are. DentalPlans will show you details of plans in your area and even a sample of the savings available.

Whether or not such groups are worth it to you is really a question of economics. Do you need enough dental work done to justify the cost of the group? Do your homework before signing up for anything.



  • Find discount dental programs in your area.
  • Compare savings and rates.
  • Join the group of your choice.

Check  out DentalPlans @

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