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Delighta is a useful service that lets you access a handful of Google services via SMS commands on your mobile, which is especially useful in a place with no mobile Internet access. Using Delighta you can create SMS groups, backup SMS messages to a Google spreadsheet, make/edit appointments in your Google calendar, enter data into a Google spreadsheet or use Google translator.

To start using Delighta, register on the website and send your Gmail user ID (ex: to the number +1-408-357-4815.

To get a sense of how to correctly access the Google services, just follow the detailed instructions on the website.



  • Access Google servcies via SMS commands on your mobile.
  • Create SMS groups.
  • Backup sms messages to your Google spreadsheet.
  • Made/edit appointment in Google calendar.
  • Translate text using Google translate.
  • Free, register on the website to start using.

Check out Delighta @


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  1. dragonduder
    July 7, 2012 at 12:34 am

    Hello, I was interested in trying this out, but the website asked me to sign in using my google username and password. Shouldn't they use the authenticator so they don't store my username and password? I think I'm going to change my Google password after trying this out.

    Also when I texted the number my google email address, I received a Google Docs email from saying "I've shared delighta_dragonduder" with me. Does this mean that the spreadsheet they save all my texts in is "shared" with me? I have limited Google Docs knowledge (though I use it on occasion), but if the Google Spreadsheet is shared with me, does that mean that it's also shared with and they can see what's in the spreadsheet?