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Delicious to Google Bookmarks is a free web service that lets you export your Delicious bookmarks to your Chrome bookmarks. All you do is sign in with your Delicious account. Next you select the Delicious bookmarks to be exported.

export delicious bookmarks to google bookmarks

With the exporting process complete, your selected Delicious bookmarks are added to your Google bookmarks list.

If you have Chrome bookmarks synchronization enabled, then these Delicious bookmarks will automatically show up in your Chrome bookmarks menu after the next Chrome-Google bookmarks sync session.


  • Transfer Delicious bookmarks to Google bookmarks .
  • Lets you select individual Delicious bookmarks to port.
  • Helps add Delicious bookmarks to your Chrome bookmarks menu through Google bookmarks.
  • Similar tool: DeliciousXML.

Check out Delicious to Google Bookmarks @


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