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delicious bookmarks droidSo, if you’ve got yourself an Android phone and all your bookmarks are in Delicious, which app do you use? For many Android users, the answer is DeliciousDroid. Why? Because it’s well-thought out, it does the job well and it actually looks really good. What more could you want?

If you’re not sure why you’d want access to all those links, consider being able to have a widget that lets you view all your links with a particular tag. Or maybe you’d prefer a widget that allows you to quickly search all of your Delicious bookmarks. Plus, there’s also the ability to add, edit and delete current bookmarks. It really does do it all.

Get DeliciousDroid

Head to the Google Play store to get your free copy of DeliciousDroid, which is also conveniently quite a small application. Note though, your local cache data may take up some room if you have lots of links. Once downloaded, you can log in using your Delicious login, but note that this application isn’t affiliated with Delicious.

Using DeliciousDroid

All the basic functions of Delicious are able to be used within DeliciousDroid. When accessing your bookmarks via DeliciousDroid, you can add to them, edit them, or delete them as you wish. You can access your top 50 tags to make it easy to find bookmarks you’re likely to use.

Currently Delicious limits users to accessing the 1,000 most recent links and the 50 top tags, however the DeliciousDroid developer is petitioning them to extend this.

delicious bookmarks droid


DeliciousDroid Widget

There is currently only one DeliciousDroid widget you can use, but it has five main buttons to allow quick access to your bookmarks and other useful functions. One will allow you to quickly search all of your Delicious bookmarks, tags, bundles or recently updated links from network contacts. Another button gives quick access to add new URLs to Delicious. If you like browsing links from your network contacts, you’ll be happy to note there’s a button for exactly that. There is also a button to list your recent bookmarks and another to list your top tags. From the list of tags, you will be able to see a list of bookmarks beneath that.

delicious bookmarks android

This means you could use a tag to make a list of the bookmarks you expect will be of the most use to you on your phone or tablet: perhaps a list of your favourite blogs; mobile sites for things that don’t have decent apps; or maybe your most often used online accounts. Whatever you use it for, there’s no denying it’s useful!

delicious bookmarks android

DeliciousDroid Popular Links

If you’re feeling a little bored and want to explore, DeliciousDroid also shows you the most popular Delicious links and the Delicious Hotlist. These can lead you on to a break due to distraction in very little time at all.

delicious bookmarks droid

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