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DelayCast is a website that helps you obtain reasonable estimates of the flight delays you may experience. These estimates are based on factors such as the airline, flight origin and destination, developing trends, holidays, date and time of the flight and so on. Apart from estimated predictions you can also use it to check more general overview of the best days, times and airlines to fly.

DelayCast - Flight Delay Predictions

Features :

  • Check out flight delay estimates before booking a flight.
  • Airports: Departure and arrival predictions made for the top 60 airports in the United States.
  • Currently supported airlines: Southwest, Northwest, JetBlue, America, American, Eagle, Continental, America, West, Delta, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, United and AirTran.
  • Free. No-registration required.

DelayCast - Flight Delays

Note: All flight delay predictions on are produced by the models and thus aren’t 100% accurate. Nevertheless, the additional insight provided beyond the airlines schedules should come in handy for most of the travelers.

Visit DelayCast @ [via Lifehacker]

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