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Ever ordered something from, say, eBay and then patiently refreshed the courier company’s website every few hours to figure out the current location of your package?

Is logging into your three email accounts the first thing that you do after switching on your computer?  Are you tired of entering the usernames and passwords each time?

We tend to perform a lot of repetitive tasks using our computers and for that reason most professional desktop software such as Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop have long supported macros – a activity recording of the series of steps required to perform a given task that can be saved and called (played) later at will.

Dejaclick brings the same functionality to webpages. It is a web recording utility for Firefox.

The process of creating a recording couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve installed the Dejaclick extension, click on the record button in the toolbar and perform the steps that you want to record. Click Stop and click the Save icon. Give the recording a descriptive name. That’s it!

activity recording



  • Free activity recording addon
  • Tight integration with Firefox. Distributed as an addon to Firefox and installs as a toolbar.
  • No limit on the number of steps a recording can have.
  • Simple one click recording functionality.
  • Saves encrypted recordings where passwords are involved.

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  1. Ken Godskind
    February 3, 2010 at 8:41 am

    Thanks so much for the review.
    DejaClick really is a fantastic technology that makes monitoring today's Web 2.0 applications fast and easy.
    It is the only completely built-into-the-browser Web application monitoring technology.

    Get the FREE DejaClick plugin anytime at

    There are many useful desktop features.
    - recording, saving and superbookmarking macros
    - the DejaNotes features for marking up pages
    - full support for interacting with Adobe Flash web-based applications
    - Javascripting custom scripting (it's like DejaClick + GreaseMonkey)
    - and much more

    I have had many customers share that DejaClick has become an meaningful tool in their Support and QA kit.

    There's also a lot of useful help information here:

    Ken Godskind
    Chief Strategy Officer