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You can’t know all the words in the world so whenever you come across a word you don’t know what you do is look it up in an online dictionary. There are may good online dictionaries out there including, Merriam-Webster online dictionary, Cambridge Free English dictionary, dictionaries from Longman, Oxford to name the most popular ones. While those dictionaries are a perfect choice to find out a definition of a word, they usually have a lot of elements on the page including images, banners, animations etc., which stand in your way if you simply want to quickly find a definition for a word.

Definr - Incredibly Fast Online Dicitonary

So, if you are looking for speed while researching a word, check out Definr. It is an incredibly fast online dictionary that gets you results in a fraction of a second, in particularly in 150 ms. You simply start typing a word and it will list word suggestions as you type. Simply click on any of the word suggestions to get their definition or simply enter a word and press Enter or click “meep!” button to get its definition.

If you are too busy or lazy to even go to their website then download their Firefox add-on. It lets you look up a definition of a word straight from your browser toolbar.



  • Search for word definitions and its synonyms
  • Word suggestions as you type
  • Fast loading page, no ads
  • English words only
  • Firefox add-on – look up a definition from your browser toolbar
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Based on Princeton’s open WordNet 2.0 dictionary

Check out Definr @

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