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Advertisement is primarily an online dictionary but not your typical web-based dictionary. The website uses AJAX to make the search for definitions both fast and interactive. There aren’t many online dictionaries that offer similar live-search experience. In their own words:

“We aim to make everyone’s search for definition fast as possible yet it provide complete informations of the word by combining the Ajax technology with Wordnet 3.0. We also aim for an ease of word searching by using our desktop and browser tools. We have a toolbar plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Mozilla.”

DefiItFast -


  • Direct live-search for the word
  • Highlight the word and Right Click feature.
  • Additional tools : browser plugins (Firefox, Internet Explorer) and bookmarklet.

There is also a search plugin (Opensearch) for Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 2.0+ for people who prefer to have an instant Word Search option in their browsers without installing anything. For browsers that are not supported by Opensearch plugin there is a bookmarklet. The bookmarklet is an applet that sits in the browser’s link bar and lets you lookup word definitions by simply highlighting the word and clicking the bookmarklet.

Check out DefineItFast @

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