Deezer : Find and Listen Music Online

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Deezer is a 100% legal web-based community where you can find and listen to favorite music tracks, create/share playlists with friends and upload/store your MP3s online.

deezer   Deezer : Find and Listen Music Online

Deezer Features

  • Find and play your favorite music tracks online, organize tracks into playlists, etc.
  • Upload and share your MP3s with others. No restrictions on the number of songs you can upload and share.
  • Embed Dezzer player (incl. your favorite songs) on your blog, or social networking profile page.
  • Search tunes by artist, album or song name.
  • Smart playlists: Option to generate automatic playlists.
  • Browse tracks by charts (Top France, Top UK, Top USA, Electro, Hip-Hop, Elvis, Rock and Ambiance.)
  • Browse website in your language (over 15 languages).

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