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Are you easily distracted by images, animations, etc, on any webpage? If the answer is yes, you should give the Decreased Productivity Chrome extension a try.

block images chrome

Decreased Productivity improves the browsing experience by allowing users to control the different elements on any webpage. Users can restrict images, animations, multimedia content and more from loading on a webpage. It even allows users to disable favicons, change fonts, set image opacity level, change background colors and more.

If you want, you can add websites to a blacklist as well which will automatically disable defined webpage elements on that specific domain. You can even add domains to a whitelist on which it will not cloak images and other multimedia elements.

Once installed, a small cup icon will appear in Chrome’s address bar. Just go to the extension’s options and select your desired settings. Now, all you have to do is open any website, click on the cup icon, and it will cloak the selected elements.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Control webpage elements.
  • Change background colors.
  • Disable favicons.
  • Add domains to whitelist/blacklist.
  • Similar tool: BinarySwitchEclipse.

Check out Decreased Productivity @

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