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Computer manufacturers have installed various software on your computer before it is shipped. For example, if you have an HP computer, it might come loaded with various HP software such as HP Update, UP Total Care Setup, and ProtectSmart. Or if your system is a Dell computer, then it might come with Dell Stage, Dell Digital Delivery, and Dell DataSafe.

Such software that comes with the computer that is made by the company is often referred to as ‘bloatware’. This type of software usually takes up a lot of memory and usually provides very little use. Often you are able to find free and more resource-friendly alternatives available on the Internet. Here to help you remove such bloatware is an application called Decrap My Computer.

remove unwanted programs

Decrap My Computer is a piece of free Windows software for your desktop computer running Windows. The primary function of the application is to help you remove numerous programs that computer manufacturers have installed on your computer. The app is sized at nearly 5 MB and it installs in a jiffy. Once the app is installed, you can have it run a scan on your PC and have it detect all apps that can be removed. Bloatware and other installed apps are easily detected and you have the option to selectively remove any applications.


Overall, the application provides you with greater control over what is installed on your computer. Removing the bloatware not only frees up disk space but also greatly improves system performance – particularly the startup since many of these apps fire up when the computer starts.



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  1. Synsyn
    June 10, 2013 at 7:12 am

    This is so easy to use :) Saves hours of time and nerves. I usually remove all that crap by manually, cos I thought there's no other way. Gladly there are now. This is useful also if all your relatives need help with their computers (and you are the fixer) and they problem is just some random amount of backroundprogrammes, toolbars and error-path files :D