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Gamers go through games quick. This is why the question they are most faced with is “which game will I play next?” As simple as it sounds, the question is often not very easy to answer. Here to help you with it is an iOS app called Decide-o-tron.

which game to play

Decide-o-tron is a free to use iOS application compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS version 4.1 or later. The app is sized at 17 MB and uses a variety of settings to learn which game you will be interested in. You can specify parameters such as platforms, genres, ESRB ratings, and review scores. Optionally you can include games from your wishlist – a list of games that the app helps you maintain.

how to decide which game to play

According to your preferences, games are recommended to you to try out. In addition to these, Decide-o-tron recommends trending games as well which gamers would generally be interested in.




  • A user-friendly application.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Helps find games you will like.
  • Lets you set searching preferences.

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