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Decaf is an online mashup application (of Degrapha and Adobe Kuler) that lets anyone generate cool abstract art compositions in no time. This web tool can be used by designers to generate original patterns and abstract art compositions or by anyone else to create cool computer wallpapers and printouts.

To start simply type in a keyword, choose a background color and shape and hit on the search button. Dekaf will then bring a set of color palletes, clicking on one will generate full screen abstract picture made of colors that were on that pallete.

abstract art composition

You can generate as many abstract illustrations as you need, print them out or save onto your computer using print screen button.

Check out sample abstracts below:

abstract composition


generate abstracts


  • Generate abstract compositions online.
  • Generate as many as you want.
  • Customize background and shapes.
  • Print or save on to your computer.
  • Free and no sign up.
  • Similar web tools: ImageMixer, ViscosityMutapicBomomo and Wordle.

Check out Dekaf @

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