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De-Bee is a light weight and web app that helps users to keep track of shared expensed and who owes what to whom among friends. Suppose you went out for a lunch with 6 of your friends and took care of the whole bill yourself at that time. You can just create a group at De-Bee and invite those 6 friends to join. Next, enter the the amount they owe you and how much each of them has already paid you. De-Bee will summarize the balance and display who owes you what at the moment.

who owes what to whom

It is a fairly useful application for people who often pay for each other and then collect later. I know a bunch of students in my college who would love this. It is much better than creating an Excel spreadsheet since you wouldn’t have to do any summarizing and you would be able to share the information with your group members in real-time.

Some of the main features of De-Bee are:

  • Keep track of shared expenses between friends.
  • See a full history of transactions for any of your groups.
  • Create different De-Bee groups for different groups of friends.
  • No need to sign-up, just use your gmail login.
  • See your balance with a single click at any given time.
  • Similar sites: Scred.

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