DeadMouse: Surf The Internet Without Your Mouse [Chrome]

If you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts but still have to use the mouse when you surf the web (i.e. when clicking on a link), check out DeadMouse.  It is a handy Chrome extension that lets you click on links using only your keyboard.

When you are on a page, simply start typing the text of the link on the page and the link will start wobbling (like “Have Stuff to Sell?” in the image below). Simply press “Enter” to open that link. To open the link in a new tab press “Shift+Enter”. Thats how simple it is.

To reset, click “Esc”. If there are multiple links that match the letters you typed in, press “Tab” to switch between matches. To really see it in action, download the extension in your Chrome browser from the Google Chrome store.

16   DeadMouse: Surf The Internet Without Your Mouse [Chrome]


  • Follow links on the page by simply typing first letters of the text link.
  • Press “Shift+Enter” to open link in a new tab.
  • Press “Tab” to switch between multiple matches.
  • Press “Esc” to reset.
  • Extension for Chrome browser.
  • Similar tool: TouchCursor

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I’ve been using Vimium in Chrome for years now. There is a Firefox equivalent as well. Very rarely do I have to move my hands from the keyboard when browsing.