Dead Simple Screen Sharing for Chrome: Share Your Screen From Your Browser

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The act of sharing your screen usually involves installing a client, connecting to a server and inviting some people to join you (who might also need to install some software too) before it works. There are a few simpler solutions – such as using Google+ Hangouts, but that involves your audience having Google+ accounts and you’re limited by the maximum party size. Luckily there’s now an even easier way of sharing your screen, and it’s an extension for Google’s Chrome browser.

share screen

Dead Simple Screen Sharing is exactly as the name suggests – a very easy and straightforward way of sharing your screen with other people. Simply install the extension, click the button in the top right corner of your browser and you will be given a unique URL. You can then share this URL with other people, who will be able to see what you’re doing online without the need for plugins or extra software.

dead simple screen sharing

The extension uses HTML5 rather than Flash, which means there’s no resource-hog plugins running and it should be compatible with HTML5 compliant browsers. That includes mobile browsers, such as Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android, but also older devices with some HTML5 support too. The extension is completely free, and open source to boot.


  • Share your screen direct from your browser, just install this extension.
  • No need for viewing parties to install plugins or software.
  • Uses HTML5 to maintain compatibility across browsers, platforms and devices.
  • Mobile-compatible, open source.

Download: Dead Simple Screen Sharing @ Chrome Web Store

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