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Web developers continuously customize webpage elements to keep them fresh and exciting. An example of this is modern dropdown menus that you can see on many sites. Many of these menus offer text summaries and images as options instead of simple text options. Here to help you create such menus with ease is a tool called ddSlick.

create custom dropdown menus

ddSlick is a free to use coding tool for web developers. It is basically a jQuery plugin that helps you create customize dropdown menus for your site. The plugin offers numerous useful features to better dropdowns menus. You can add images with each menu option and you can add a text summary. The plugin lets you control whether or not to enable these features. Other features such as default option selection are also supported by the plugin.


  • A user-friendly jQuery tool for web developers.
  • Lets you create customized dropdown menus.
  • Lets you add images and text with each menu option.
  • Supports default option selection.

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