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Freeware software is some of our favourite software here at MakeUseOf, though we’re aware that some people try to profit from the good work of others. This can take many forms, such as download pages full of adverts and marketing to more malicious problems like malware, spyware and even ransomware How To Avoid Getting Tricked By Viruses That Want Your Money How To Avoid Getting Tricked By Viruses That Want Your Money Malware that attempts to part victims from their money is nothing new.There is another threat, called ransomware, that attempts to leverage the authority of some well-known organization to extract money directly from victims. Here’s how... Read More .

If you’ve been stung in the past, you’ll likely be keen to avoid this happening again and so DDownloads might be the great time-saving tool you’re looking for.

safe freeware downloads

Designed for Windows, DDownloads is a database of reliable download locations offering real, malware-free products from one tidy interface. This is not pirated software but legal freeware, and better still the author has categorised these great tools for easy perusal. DDownloads features some of the most well-known freeware, many of which have been featured numerous times on this site.


Using DDownloads you won’t need to open your browser, search or visit a website and make it through a minefield of links in order to grab your software, you can do it all from an intuitive interface and not have to worry about potential unwanted malicious software and annoying pop-under adverts.



  • Some of the best freeware on the Internet, categorised and easily downloadable in one freeware tool.
  • Malware, virus and spyware-free downloads protect your data and PC.
  • A huge list of software, some popular and others just waiting to be discovered.
  • Direct downloads, queued downloads, screenshots, descriptions and developer links for most apps.

Check out DDownloads @

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