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With so many devices to capture media like pictures, videos and music, the issue that arises inevitably is how to keep them in sync. While there are various data sync solutions available, Dazzboard looks unique and promising. It aims to provide a simple, drag and drop browser based media synchronization solution that supports all the popular browsers, mobile phones, mp3 players, personal media players like iTunes and certain other devices too.

sync your files

Although Dazzboard’s interface is browser based, it works locally on your PC. You would need to download the corresponding plugins for different browsers to make it work. Once the interface is up and running, you can connect devices and drag and drop media. It also integrates with your social media library on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube etc once you log into them.


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  1. Hoi
    February 4, 2017 at 6:06 am

    It dont work