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3D figure design and animation software DAZ Studio 4 will be dropping its retail price of $49.99 to free for the remainder of August. The software, created by DAZ 3D, is used for the creation of artwork involving human models, animals, props and environments both still and animated.

The software is compatible with a large number of other suites and model types, and introduces one of DAZ 3D’s proudest features: the Genesis series of figures. Playing on the advancements made in the current version, Genesis enables users to create virtually limitless figure shape variations from a common base.

In order to ease users into the software, designers have included a set of video tutorials that promise to get users up to speed quickly. With a regular modest price point and an interface that doesn’t appear too cluttered, DAZ Studio is aimed at both hobbyists and professionals alike with developers promising:

If you’re new to 3D art and animation, then DAZ Studio is the perfect place to begin. DAZ Studio lets you learn all the basics of 3D digital art and animation with minimal time or cost … Create Art for Art’s sake or for practical projects such as your own book cover illustration. Can’t find a photo of a flying pig? Create one. DAZ Studio will help you take control and create exactly the image you need.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X users, so be quick and grab a free copy before the price goes back up.

Download: DAZ Studio 4 Windows/Mac OS X
Download: DAZ Studio 4 Quickstart Guide [PDF]


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