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Daylight is a pretty important thing when it comes to being planet-friendly and energy efficient. DaylightHoursExplorer is a great tool developed by the University of Nebraska that tells you the daylight hours per day for any location on the earth. You can adjust the location by entering a specific latitude or dragging the slider to change the value.

The tool also accounts for different times of the year. The time slider can be dragged to focus on any particular day of the year and the graph will adjust based on the value. You also have the option to view yearly averages for any given combination of latitude and time. The tool can also be downloaded or embedded on a website as a flash component.

daylight hours per day

daylight hours per day


  • See hours of daylight for any given latitude.
  • Explore by adjusting to different times of the year.
  • See yearly averages along with daily values.
  • Download to your computer, link to it or embed on a website.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools:  Daylightsavingstimeinfo and IsItDst.

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