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The developer of the popular Mac and iOS journal app, Day One, just released a much anticipated update feature called Publish, that allows users to post their journal entries directly to the web and social networks.

For now, the Publish update is only available in the iPhone version of Day One. Users can select new and past journal entries to post to their free Publish account, from which links to individual entries can be shared. Published entries mirror the elegant and minimalist design of the UI in the app itself.

Published entries are by default hidden from search engines and are only visible to those who have the link to an entry. Published URLs can also be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

Publish shares example

Facebook posts include the original Day One entry, and date and time in the Facebook Timeline, while on Twitter, a tweet will be filled with the first lines of the post to fit the 140-character limit. If your post has a title, and you have enabled “Auto Bold First Line” in iOS Day One, that line will be added to the tweet, along with the URL to your Publish page for that entry. Sharing to Foursquare requires posted entries to include a location with a Foursquare Place selected. Foursquare posts will include the first lines of the entry up to the 140-character limit.


If a photo is attached to a Day One entry, it will show up in both the social network post and in the Publish page. As for now, Day One only allows for one photo per entry. And unfortunately, at this time, inline embedded images and videos will not appear on Publish pages. But links to the embedded media will appear.

Users can also edit and update posted entries from within Day One, but not inside their online Publish account. All your Day One entries can be viewed and accessed on your Publish page, but the list of entries are not available for public viewing.

Published entries also include your Day One tags, and a view count of posted entries. The Publish update will soon be available for the iPad version of Day One also.

Source: TUAW

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