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Are you interested in old cartography? Then you should visit David Rumsey’s Map Collection. This website is a gallery of online historical maps for Google Earth and Google Maps. Using the collaborative power of Google Map applications, this website showcases more than 120 historical maps online.

view historical maps online

Each historical map was scanned to preserve the cartographic art, scales, and distortions when viewed online. The maps are also geo-referenced to fit well with current maps. David Rumsey’s maps appear as a layer in Google Maps, allowing you to adjust the transparency and compare the old maps to the base maps in Google.

The most amazing maps in the collection include the World Globe 1790 and World Globe 1812. Maps are classified into geographic divisions such as Globes, North America, U.S. Cities, China, Japan, Middle East, Australia and Pacific and many more.


  • View hundreds of geo-referenced historical maps online
  • Open maps with Google Maps or Google Earth
  • Adjust layer transparency to compare with current maps
  • Ideal for educational and research purposes

Check out these historical maps @

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