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Securely store passwords and notes. Datum Locker is a free Windows program that provides you with an encrypted database in which to securely store login data or simple notes. You won’t be told if you type the incorrect password – Datum opens regardless of which password you type – but you’ll only actually see your data if you type the same password as usual.

store login information

Datum is simple at first glance, but that’s because of what it is – an easy-to-use repository of information you’d like to keep secure. Create folders in which to store logins or notes – the two types of information Datum treats as distinct. Logins leave room for a name, username, password and URL. It also offers a few features you’d expect from a password management service, such as generating passwords – though the passwords created leave a lot to be desired in terms of security.

datum lockersecu

Notes are a little simpler – just type a name, then type your note. This could be anything from a logged phone call to a list of PIN numbers – anything you think should be stored securely. You can create as many folders and notes as you like, but keep things organized or you’ll never find anything.

It’s a strictly local app – look elsewhere for cloud integration. But if you’re looking for a simple way to encrypt login information and other notes, it might be a good fit for you.



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