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Quick date calculations are a necessity in a number of areas. Gardeners need to check the progress of their plants after a certain number of days; doctors need to schedules patients’ next appointments after a certain number of days; for these you need a tool that quickly performs date calculations. The Date-Calculator is exactly that tool.

calculate days between dates

Online Date Calculator is a free and highly useful web tool. It performs simple calculations with dates quickly and easily. The tool can perform two types of calculations:

  • It can tell you the number of days between two particular dates.
  • It can tell you what date it will be a fixed number of days after or before a certain date.

To enter a date you simply click on a field and a calendar will pop down enabling you to select a date.

online date calculator

When your entries have been selected, simply click on the “Calculate” button to perform the required calculations.



  • A user friendly online date calculator.
  • Lets you perform date calculations.
  • Can tell the difference of days between two dates.
  • Can tell the date a fixed number of days after or before a certain date.

Check out Date-Calculator @

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